It all started when founder Jessica Tang’s then 5-year-old daughter broke out with rashes after wearing adult makeup for the day of her ballet performance. Not only was it a traumatic experience for the 5-year-old, it was also an expensive one.

Out of a Mother’s love and concern for her kids, C’est Moi was born with the principle idea – to conceive a safe, professional skincare and performance makeup.

Research work took place over 3 years as the founder studied the needs (not wants) and the current availability of cosmetics for kids ages 4 – 12. To her surprise, there was none. Established brands had dabbled in it, play cosmetics were a dime a dozen but there was nothing in the market that was professional and safe.

A Biochemist was identified and over a million dollars expended to get C’est Moi started. From product and marketing research to pureness of ingredients used, brand name to packaging design, communication messaging to partnership and collaboration with performing schools and distributors.

5 years on, founder Jessica Tang managed to overcome all boos and name-calling, eventually convincing the group of nay-sayers that C’est Moi was a necessity and not a luxury for kids.

“We want to cultivate good skin caring habits amongst kids early as prevention is better than cure. Kids deserve the best for their skin because, GOOD SKIN EQUATES TO CONFIDENCE. Protecting one’s skin is essentially important as it will stay with one, f o r e v e r ”
- Jessica Tang, Founder – C’est Moi

Safe and allergy-free, the range is uniquely formulated using fresh fruit cells and the best of what nature has to offer with the latest cosmetic innovation and technology. Parents can enjoy peace of mind and an assurance that with C’est Moi, their kids will experience no rashes and breakouts after usage as it does not contain chemicals found in adult cosmetics but instead, will exude a sense of confidence and attitude performing on stage, during celebrations and even during daily usage when necessary.

Why C’est Moi?

  • We have a complete range of Professional Skincare & Performance Makeup (of professional stage quality) specially formulated for kids aged 4 – 12
  • We use only high quality ingredients - fresh cells-formula
  • 97% of the ingredients used in our Professional Skincare line is of natural origin
  • 95% of the ingredients used in our Performance Makeup line is of natural origin
  • Our products are made in Canada, France, Italy and other parts of Europe and are certified in compliance with EU, FDA and ASEAN Cosmetic legislations
  • We are a kids company creating a skincare and makeup line for kids
  • We promote good habits by educating kids on the skin-caring process from young